Friday, June 3, 2011

When the UI designer doesn't use the UI

Suppose you wanted to provide a basic interface where users could set training goals, stuff like "Run 50km in June" perhaps. This seems semi-reasonable right? - well, at least as long as nobody ever wants to set a goal for two weeks.

So surely if I want a goal for one month I can just set Calendar month, pick a day in the month (or maybe it'll even flip to be a month dropdown?), and go, right?

Not so fast bucko, UI has got to be validated and you jackasses aren't going to start putting goals for the past into our system!
Not to worry though, the "calendar month" relative to June 3rd is a slightly weird way to put it but it does make sense. Or does it?
So um ... I can't enter the first because it's in the past, and I must pick the first day of a calendar month ... so it's impossible to specify a goal for June? And you don't even give me an arbitrary start/end date option so I could at least set June 3rd-30th?

Clearly the designer of this never had to actually use it! Arglefarg.


Stephen said...

Garmin's 705 and 305 GPSs have bad UI and UX. Glad too see the engineers made it on the website also to design UI and UX.

albina N muro said...
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albina N muro said...

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